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Episode 5 · Sep 12, 2022

The AI Medicine Cabinet

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Life, death and data. AI’s capacity to support research on human health is real. But so are the harms of biased datasets and misdiagnoses. How can AI developers build healthier systems? We take a look at a new dataset for Black skin health, a Covid chatbot in Rwanda, AI diagnostics in rural India, and more.

Who’s in this episode?

Avery Smith is a software engineer in Maryland who lost his wife to skin cancer. This inspired him to create the Black Skin Health AI Dataset and the web app, Melalogic.

Remy Muhire works on open source speech recognition software in Rwanda, including a Covid-19 chatbot, Mbaza, which 2 million people have used so far.

Radhika Radhakrishnan is a feminist scholar who studies how AI diagnostic systems are deployed in rural India by tech companies and hospitals and the limits of consent.

Jen Caltrider is the lead investigator on a special edition of Mozilla’s “Privacy Not Included” buyer’s guide that investigated the privacy and security of mental health apps.

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Avery Smith
Avery Smith
CEO and Founder of Melalogic, USA
It's not just a color thing or a DNA thing, but do I understand the specific hurdles we deal with on a regular basis? And then how can those things be overcome through technology?
Radhika Radhakrishnan
Radhika Radhakrishnan
Feminist Technoscience Researcher, India
Healthcare is not a technological problem, right? Healthcare is a social problem.